What does Yellow taste like?

28 09 2009

A random story on Breakfast this morning – some guy is using businesses in Yellow™ (books, online and on mobile) to create the world’s first chocolate bar that tastes of yellow. So random I love it! Check out his facebook and twitter here to give him ideas….




John Key on Letterman

27 09 2009

So NZ Prime Minister John Key has recently completed his week-long visit to the US. Watching his appearance on the Letterman show,  I personally think he did a fantastic job. Many comments on You Tube may disagree, however I don’t think you can really be too harsh. Watching anything where your country’s representatives expose their personalities can be cringing (Tony Blair – I need not provide any examples there!) With the exception of Barrack Obama who is positively unflappable in the public eye, John Key did what he was there to do, promote little ol’ New Zealand to the big Ol’ fish across the pond. I think he came across well and good on him for giving it a go – it must have been as nerve-wracking as hell! Incidently those who object to the jokes, they were most likely written by the Letterman team anyway – give the guy a break!


25 09 2009

The new phone book just landed on my desk ‘The White Pages’. There’s another Lucy Parr living in Wellington. Slightly put-out by this discovery – thought I was a rarity!


25 09 2009

It’s Pen – not pin

six not sucks

And it’s Data (day-ta) not Data (Dar-ta)

Just some more annoying differences that niggle us poms…. (there’s many more but I can’t remember them, I’ll post them up as and when they annoy me, I’m bound to hear one soon!)


24 09 2009
The winner

The winner

A poor competitor

A poor competitor

Kiwi Marmite -it’s a joke right? Like spreading a pot of 10 year-old REAL Marmite on your toast. Dry and gross. Brings shame to the name.